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Tale of the Lion for August 6, 2019

President Elbert called the meeting to order at 12:00

Invocation:  Elbert

Song:  Joe Dyke with Jan at the piano

Pledge:  Tom

Program Speaker:  Angel Westerman, President of "Villages"

Guests:  Beth brought Kay Andalis, Andrea Holmberg, Dan McNamara, Tony Morgante Sr., Sandy Pugliese.

Mystery Greeter: Herb

Pie Winner:  Our guest speaker, Angel, won the coupon

50/50 Winner:  Craig won $30

Marge Dyke Award:  Herb gave it to Dick.

Welcome Back Dick. We sure did miss you and so glad you are back.  We are praying for your grandson.  Also,

please note George wasn't at the meeting today because he wasn't feeling well.Dorothy will be having surgery on Sept. 3rd. Allison we missed you today. All of you who are not well or under the weather, please feel better and stay out of the heat. Also, drink plenty of water. That's what all the doctors in our club told me to say.

Beth announced that Mary and Barbara brought her a check for $500 towards the Italian Dinner. That is awesome!!

The monies are coming in nicely for really good prizes for the Dinner. We will soon be at our $4000 mark. Don't forget David is having a meeting at his house for members who really want to get involved with  the dinner.  Its 8/14 at 6 PM and he will be serving Italian food.  David also mentioned that he and Patty Callan were at Camp Jack on

Sunday and Patty was amazing working with the children and doing so much. 

Thurs. August 15 from 5 to 8 The Chamber of Commerce will hold their Summer Bash. The Club will pay for anyone

who wants to go if you are a La Mesa Lion.  We want a big showing and perhaps get to recruit new member.

Thurs. Aug 22 from 3 to 5 PM Home of Guiding Hands has an Art Show.  You can purchase paintings there..

Wed. August 7 at the Hills, Elbert's Church, La mesa Methodist is having a fundraiser. Lets try to be there for him. The food is great and its lots of fun.

Sat. Sept. 7 is the First District Membership Meeting. More info to follow.

Tail Twister:  Patty was in charge today. First she discussed different ideas the club can come up with to help get

auction gifts for the Italian Dinner.  Each table had an idea. To name a couple, maybe we can get a membership for

one or two children at a local swim club like Croc Center;  have a well known chef cook a meal for 6 to 8 people at a restaurant or someones home.  All were good ideas.

Happy Dollars from Dick who was happy to be back;  $5 David L. whose wife Sheila had an accident but she is okay.

Big news:  Our Joe Dyke will be performing tonight at the Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park. Maybe some members would like to go even though its short notice. Did you know Canadian Dr. Patty Hill is the 3rd Vice President at our

International level?   Also in a short time we hope there will be a big change in La Mesa. Representatives are going to figure out a way to cut emissions in half and therefore have an alternative to SDGE. Patty also taught us that

putting mustard, pickle juice or beet juice on your tongue will take away muscle cramps . Great information, Patty.

Program:  Tom introduced Angel Westerman who is President of the new Villages Concept, a new nationwide trend

to help seniors stay in their homes. Angel has been with this organization for 15 years and its all over the country. In

the area that you live in this organization finds people like yourself who help each other either by cooking for each

other or driving a car to buy food to cook. Its like a barter system where you help each other with the things you can

do best.  In a place like La Mesa, the area is so big that there would have to be 3 or 4 villages around.  There would be places were the group gathers like a club room at a local library or club house. If you would like more information about this group, please contact me and I will give you contact information.  Thank you Angel.

Next Week:  Glynis Eckert of Salvation Army Kroc Center

                     Tail Twister is Mystery Guest!!!!!

After the meeting, six members counted 403 pairs of glasses.

President Elbert adjourned the meeting 1:30.    Bye for now!    Go Brooklyn

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