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Tale of the Lion for August 13, 2019

Acting President Mary Rynearson called the meeting to order at 12:00.  President Elbert had a conflict and could

not be at the meeting today.

Invocation:  Doug

Song:  Dorothy and Al

Pledge: Allison

Mystery Greeter:  Herb

Pie Winner:  Doug

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Mary Jo won $25.50

Marge Dyke Good Guy Award: Stabled by Dick until next week

Program: Glynis Eckert and Pamela George of the Kroc Salvation Army

Guests:  Besides our guests from Japan, PDG Scott Leslie, Jennifer Mendosa 2VDG, Jan Burt

Announcements: 2VDG Jennifer Mendoza brought two exchange students to our meeting today.  They are Nozouri

Miyazaki and Natsuki Soga, both from Japan.  They are having a wonderful visit here and told us a little about 


This Thursday at 5 PM at the La Mesa Community Center is the Chambers Summer Bash.  Please come. There is

no charge to La Mesa Lions, On Wednesday at 6 PM David S. is hosting a meeting to discuss the upcoming Italian

Dinner. It is our big fundraiser and anyone who can contribute their time and efforts, please come to this meeting. David will be serving Italian Food.  Beth announced the money is coming in nicely for the auction prizes. Patty spoke

about another winner of our recent scholarship. He sent a letter which she read.  Please mark your records that there is no Board Meeting this month.  The next Board Meeting will be Sept. 19 and at that meeting we will discuss

our 501- 3 status.  On 8/22 Home of Guiding Hands will have their Art Show. Please make every effort to go. Allison

reminded us that her organization will have "Bowling for Bucks", a fundraiser to raise money for teaching braille. It will be coming up soon. More information will follow.

Our mystery Tail Twister today is none other than our dear friend of La Mesa Lions, PDG Scott Leslie. Mindi arranged this with him.  His questions were very hard and we missed a lot of answers. However, we should have known the

answers since it all involved Lions Clubs.  He did make a huge amount of money for our club.  He also told us to go

home and study Rules, International officers, our Motto, etc.  It was fun to have you join us today, Scott. Thank you.

Dr. Tom introduced our speakers today.  Glynis Eckert and Pamela George have been with the Salvation Army for a long time. About 17 years ago Mrs. Joan Kroc became involved and so the Kroc Center and Salvation Army became a partnership.  They have all kinds of programs for seniors, people on low budgets, medical problems.  The group is

International World Wide.  Their programs include Silver Sneakers, swimming, feeding people, food pantry and they

recently had a back to school program to give children school supplies. They are in dire need of volunteers, coaches, donors. There are over 3000 members. Stop in and see all the wonderful things they do for children and people of

all ages.  Thank you Glynis and Pamela.

Next Week:  Program Rolf Schultz, retired 35 years from SDSU Sociology Prof. He is from Berlin Germany

                    Tail Twister will be Dr. Tom Callan

Acting President Mary adjourned the meeting at 1:30.  You did a great job, Mary.

                               Bye for now!             Go Brooklyn 

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