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Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2019

In President Tyson's absence 1VP Elbert Kim called the meeting to order at 12:00

Invocation: Elbert

Song: Dorothy, Al, George with Jan B. at the piano

Pledge: Patty

Program: Dr. Bill Pogue - story of Sears Roebuck

Guests: DG Mercy Walters,, Eileen and Bill Forster from Hawaii, Al Renault (Dorothy), Jan Burt

Pie Winner: Marge

50/50 Raffle: Rick won $32.50

Marge Dyke Award: David L. gave it to Patty C. for her hard work at Mt. Helix

Announcements: Hope all our Lions and friends who are not well are feeling better and we wish you a speed recovery.

Herb spoke about our activity at Mt. Helix last Saturday. Herb, Patty, David S., Kassam, Chuck, Doug, Tyson and his

family worked very hard on the project. Our area is clean and looks great. David S. got injured during the clean up. David, there is no workman's compensation for this. Sorry.

DG Mercy told us she was a guest at the C6 convention. She also reported that L6 rocks in membership, reporting

100% Activities, and 40% of our L6 clubs are women. June 1st a new club is forming. She gave Elbert a certificate that goes to Tyson because we brought in many new members. I have it and will give it to him next week. Clubs with great numbers in membership are 1- San Diego Host; 2- San Diego Forever; 3- El Cajon; 4- La Mesa Lions!!!!

Rick reported that this Saturday is the 70th Anniversary Party of San Diego Blind Community Center. Rick and Elbert will be there and our club will present them with a check for $1500.

Please note: June 1 Flag Day Parade be there 9:00; June 1 Helen Keller Day; June 8 Installation and Awards Dinner at Lantern Crest at 5:30. If you haven't signed up, please contact me so I can add you to the list. Also let me

know if you want Salmon or Prime Rib; On the same day at 8:30 AM David will be having a pre year meeting. Everyone is invited. If you will hold an office and the new Board members are invited. Snacks will be served compliments of David.

Owen Dahlkamp is our new Web Genius. You can reach him by phone 619-889-1268 or email at

if you have interesting pictures or stories about events and things that have to do with our club. He is working on the

web now. When you send him anything, please explain what the event is and the names of Lions in the pictures and stories. Looking forward to meeting Owen in the future.

On June 3 our club will be giving scholarships to three high school students. Patty C. will contact Mary Miller to see

if she is available to go.

Tail Twister: Joe was in charge today. He gave us dates of things that happened in May of different years and we had to guess what happened. We didn't do too well which meant Joe made lots of money for the club. It was very

interesting. Happy Dollars from Tom $5 who won a bet from Chuck, Dan, Mary M. Jan G. last week regarding the Army Navy game and he wants them to pay up! Kelly had $28 because on May 11, 1991 she got married and is

celebrating the event at a Five Star Hotel in the Presidential Suite this weekend. Mercy had $5 because she loves our club and we are doing a great job.

Program: Tom introduced Dr. Bill Pogue who is a retired radiologist from Grossmont Hospital. He told us all about a man named Julius Rosenberg of Sears Roebuck. His father came from Germany and the family settled in the United States. After just two years of high school Julius went to New York with his cousin and lived in a rooming house. Two years later they moved to Chicago and got a job for a men's suit company which eventually became Sears Roebuck.

When they were able to, the boys bought 1/4 each stock in the company. The rest is history. He became President and a catalogue which was 50 pages to begin with turned out to be a money maker. He believed in helping people. With his wealth he helped anyone who he believed in especially African Americans, Jewish People and other groups.

What a story. Thank you Bill for being here.

Next Week: Mike Cagnon, Vice President LEI DOS (formerly SAIC) an American Defense Company with 2500 employees. Our Tail Twister will be Kassem who is one of our newest members and he will be great!

Tyson adjourned the meeting at 1:30

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