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Meeting Minutes for June 18, 2019

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

President Tyson called the meeting to order at 12:00

Invocation:  MargeSong:  George, Joe, Dorothy, AlPledge:  David S. Program:  Dr. Linda OlsenGuests: DG Mercy Walters and Lion Paul Walters;  Shirley Jones, Olivia Root (Scholarship Winner) with her Mom Carrie;  Al Renal\ult, Janaira Quigley (Meals on Wheels East County Manager and Irene's Boss); Krista Powers from Mt Helix Park;  Michael Emerson and his guest Eric Myerman;  Rumi Battier. Raffle Winner ($42.50)  MargePie Winner  Guest Shirley JonesMarge Dyke Award stabled until Mary Miller gives it away. We missed you today, Mary. DG Mercy told us that California is #1 in the country and our District is #1 as far as growth, equal women and men, activities goes.  Thank you for that news, Mercy.  She then went on to call George up and gave him a beautiful certificate as well as a pin for 100% attendance. Hope you will be back to see us again soon, Mercy. Irene gave Edith the Dwight E. Stanford Fellow in recognition of her outstanding contributions to Lions and our clubin particular.  Krista from Helix Park told us her grandfather was a La Mesa Lion and good friends with Tyson's grandfather. Krista's grandfather still lives in San Diego and doing well.  She asked us all to join her at the Park onAugust 10th for a Festival to raise money for the park. Lets all show up.   Tyson then presented a $1500 check to Janaira for Meals on Wheels East County. She thanked the club and told usall about what Meals on Wheels is about. It isn't only feeding seniors. We check on them. If there is a problem the volunteer can see or hears about, it is reported to the family and steps are taken to make things better for the person.She told us we can all be volunteers even for one day, three hours a month. If a club decides to do it, their members can take turns volunteering even once every few months. You'll feel good doing it. I promise. Those wellness checks really work. Many bad endings to situations have been averted because of the Volunteers. Save the Date:  Board Meeting Wednesday 6/19 Sammy's 5:30 to eat and 6:00 for meeting; This Saturday Learning Day for Lions; 6/23 La Jolla Presidents Lions Club lunch. Meet/Greet at the Broken Yolk on Garnet 11 to 1 PM  $25 at door, July 20 La Mesa Rock La Mesa Parks and Recreation 20th Anniversary 6 to 11 at Marina Village $50 per Person.  This Sunday our one and only Lion Joe Dyke will be performing. Please call him 619-447-3403 or to get more information Dr. Tom Callan introduced our speaker, Dr. Linda Olsen. I hope this paragraph will give you just a small idea of what this women has put up with in life. She and her husband, David, are amazing.  In 1979 they were on vacation in Europe when there was a horrific accident between their car and a train.  Linda lost three limbs and her husbandalso had major problems but together they got through it. She told us how they had to stay away from home for several weeks and then returned to the United States with constant therapy, medication and keeping it togetherwhile their marriage strengthened even more. They worked together to get by. Eventually they became pregnant and had two children three years apart. So now besides living with their problems, working, physical therapy, etc. etc.,they were parents. They had a normal life for their children, like camping (and many times left legs and arm at home), they visited Yellowstone and were always doing something wonderful.  They finally decided to retire after 30 years and then was hit with more news. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  It was so difficult at first She learned to exercise all the time  with video chair workouts and any other rules she was told to do. David was at her side always. Her last words to us before the meeting ended was ACCEPT AND ADOPT AND GET OUT AND GO.  Linda is an inspiration to all of us who have met her.  Thank you Linda and God Bless You. Next Week:  Sharon Ackerman will speak (Part 2) Lawyer, Minister, Works with Kurds                     Tail Twister will be Mary Jo President Tyson adjourned the meeting at 1:30   Bye for now!    Go Brooklyn   P S  Next week we will be back in our regular normal meeting room (with carpeting or tile) at the La Mesa Community Center.

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