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Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2019

In President Tyson's absence Incoming President Elbert Kim called the meeting to order at 12:00

Invocation:  Elbert Kim

Song:  George, Al, Dorothy with Jan Burt at the piano

Pledge:  Joe

Program: Sharon Ackerman on Kurds Part I

Guests:  Daniel Kim, Al Renault, Lunie, Jim who is Sharon's husband, Jan Burt

50/50 Raffle Winner:   Mary Jo got $50

Pie Winner: Andy Alongi

We thanked Marge for arranging to have our installation and award dinner at Lantern Crest. It was wonderful and the

food was so good.  Ten Lions gathered at David Shaw's house the morning of the installation to discuss and plan the

2019-2020 year of the La Mesa Lions.

At that point, Tom told Andy to come up and he presented him with the Melvin Jones Award for this year.  Andy was

in Japan when we had the installation. So he had to wait until today.  Congratulations Andy. It is an honor to receive that award and the highest there is in the Lions.

Allison spoke about her other club which she supports. They help the blind read braille. They are having an event on

Sept. 21 called Bowling For Bucks and she hopes as many people as possible will donate funds to this wonderful event. Donations will make this plan work.

Lions Learning Day is 6/22 in San Marcos and we hope as many Lions as possible will attend. David S. and Jan G.

will be there to teach.

Tail Twister:  Today it was Edith in charge.  Happy Dollars from Andy $15 went to Japan;  $5 Allison was so glad to

see Mindi home;  $5 Doug, $15 Mindi 23rd anniversary, Just back from three weeks in Europe and received Presidents Cup from Tyson;  $51 from David L. because it is his 51 wedding anniversary; $10 Marge because she is

so happy the dinner is over; $5 Edith her granddaughter graduated from 8th grade today; $10 from Lunie she is happy to be back in San Diego and we all love when she comes to our meetings.  Edith went on to discuss British writers like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. Then it was American writers like Hemingway, Edgar Alan Poe and

Mark Twain whose real name was Samuel Clemens. We spoke about Hally's Comet.  I bet you didn't know that comets are formed from Ice. The La Mesa Lions now know.  Jupiter is the closest to Earth in June.  Thanks, Edith.

We value your interesting subjects.

Program:  Tom introduced our speaker, Sharon Ackerman who is a lawyer and minister. She specializes in Kurds and

their history and how they are doing today.  This will be the first part of a two part program.  Kurds are mostly Muslim

and part Christian.  Their beginnings led to the demise of many of them but they came back and live mostly in the

mountains of Iraq, Iran. She works very hard to try to place families in other countries where their life will be better.

Sharon is coming back and we will learn more.

Next Week:  Linda Olson M D Radiologist, triple amputee who has developed Parkinson's and worked for 30 years

at UCSD.   Tail Twister will be Mary Rynearson.   

Almost President Elbert adjourned the meeting at 1:30    Bye for Now!    Go Brooklyn 

Stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water - Secretary/Doctor Irene is giving you those orders.

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