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Tale of the Lion for July 2, 2019

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

1st VP Mary R. called the meeting to order at 12:00Invocation:  MargeSong:  Al, Dorothy, GeorgePledge: Doug Program:  Stephanie and Halley of Make a Wish FoundationGuests:    Rumi Battier, Kim Gibbens, Al Renault, Jeremiah Edgar, Christie Green (who will soon be an associatemember). Mary R. welcomed Fran Ashcraft who is a new transferred Lion to our club and Christie Green who will be anassociate member. Glad to have you join us. Happy Birthday to me 7/11. Everyone sang happy birthday.Student Speaker Contest by Feb. 24, 2020. Rick presented Kim Gibbens with a $5000 check from our club for the San Diego Center for the Blind. 50/50 Raffle:  Doug won $32.50Pie Coupon:  Tom won but auctioned it to Marge for $12.Marge Dyke Award:  David S. gave it to Joyce. Joyce spoke to the club about forming committees.  We will talk about this further but in the meantime we should start thinking of which committees you would like to be on. Allison spoke about her other club, National Federation of the Blind of California, San Diego Chapter.  On Saturday,Sept. 21 from 1 to 4 there will be an event "Bowling for Bucks". You can support this activity by donating a set amount of money per pin for all the bowlers.  There will be snacks too. Allison has a sign up sheet and you canalso choose to bowl in the event. The next Board Meeting will be Thursday, July 18th at Sammy's.  Our next Business Meeting will be 7/30.  July 5-9is the Lions Clubs International Convention in Milan, Italy. On 7/28 District Installation of Officers at St. Mark GolfResort, 1025 Bonita Rd. in San Marcos from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Tail Twister was our own Mary Miller. Happy Dollars from Kim $10, Mindi $5, Edith $5 (saw the eclipse), $5 fromMary Jo who forgot she was to be tail twister last week.  Mary went on to speak about July 4th, Independence Day.We learned so much about the signing and of course Mary had to get in "the Padres". She loves the Padres and knows everything about them. We all agree. Thanks, Mary. Dr. Tom introduced Stephanie and Halley from Make A Wish. This organization provides life changing wishes for children with life threatening diseases.  It started in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona when a little boy named Chris made a wish to be a Police Officer.  The town went all out with a parade, swearing in ceremony and everything a policemandoes.  Chris was thrilled.  Nine days later little Chris passed.  His mom and 6 other friends formed Make a Wish.San Diego started it in 1983 and have 500 wishes a year. The group manage to get to the heart of the wish of the child. It is in all the United States and International.  What amazing stories we heard. Very moving for the children and families. Thank you Stephanie and Halley. Hey La Mesa Lions, we really miss seeing Misty, EJ, Mickey, Patty H., Allan D. Teri F., Bruce, Pat J., Laura, Andy K,Sally, Brian, Dick, Ted M., Lois. Would love to see you. Stop in and say hello and have some delicious food with your friends. Happy July 4th to all of you. After the meeting Andy A., Tom, Fran, and David Shaw sorted and counted 209 pairs of glasses. Next Week:  Andy Alongi and Ellen Kagen will tell about their trips to Japan. Will be very interesting.                    Tail Twister will be Mary Jo.  She won't forget this time. 1st VP Mary R. adjourned the meeting at 1:30    Bye for now!     Go Brooklyn 

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