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Lions Tale for August 20, 2019

President Elbert called the meeting to order at 12:00

Invocation:  Pastor Elbert Kim

Song:  George Jones

Pledge:  Allison

Mystery Greeter:  Me (If you didn't say "hello" to me, I said hello to you.) So no money was made.

Pie Certificate:  Mary Jo

50/50 Raffle:  Dr. Tom

Marge Dyke Award:  Dick gave it to Mary Jo, Allison and Cupcake to share

Program:  Rolph Schultz 

Guests:  Jan Bert, Shirley Jones, Anderson Lam

Welcome Back to Brian, Patty H., Kelly. Good to see you.

Elbert called Anderson Lam to the front and gave him a check for his college, Berkeley. He was one of the Scholarship Winners at our Club.

David S. spoke about the Summer Bash which was presented by the La Mesa Chamber. It was a very successful evening and fourteen of our members attended.  We were well represented.

David also spoke about our Italian Dinner which will be here before you know it. Its Thursday, October 17. The donations are coming in nicely and we have some great auction items to give away.

Home of Guiding Hands works with us on many events and it is having an art exhibit on Thursday, August 22nd from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. The clients there are talented and they do beautiful work. You can enjoy their beautiful work and/or

buy whatever you like for your home.  Its free to go in.  Address is 1908 Friendship Drive, El Cajon 92020.

Allison brought in a pledge sheet if you are interested in giving a donation or attending her event "Bowling for Bucks".

You can make checks out to NFBCA, San Diego.

Edith has a request for a driver for someone who gives many lectures in her community. The person would also carry heavy items to put in the car and take out.  If you know someone, please contact Edith at 619-208-2321. Thanks.

Mark your calendar Sat. Sept. 7 is the 1st District Membership Meeting, location TBD.

Tail Twister today was Tom. Happy Dollars from Brian $40, Kelly $30, Marge $10, $5 each from Mary R., David L., Joyce, Mary Miller. Tom had many questions for us from recent headlines in the newspaper.  All wrong answers were $5 fine and most of us didn't know the answers. So our club made out very well.  The best part was we had fun.

Marge has retired from making birthday bags for East County Meals on Wheel.  Two wonderful people came forward and said they will take over.  Thank you so much Mary Jo and Teri. And a big thank you to Marge for all the years of service to Meals on Wheels.

Program:  Tom introduced Rolph Schultz who was born and raised in Berlin, Germany in 1932.  He spoke about life

growing up in Berlin during the war.

Next Week:  Denise Scatena, SD Military Film Festival

                    Beth will be tail twister

President Elbert adjourned the meeting at 1:30       Bye for now!    Go Brooklyn

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